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A sex position calling for the girl to sit on the guy as they ride over speed bumps. WARNING: DRIVE SLOWLY, IT MAY BECOME PAINFUL IF YOU DRIVE TO FAST.
Tommy: Hey are you going speed bumping tonight with your girlfriend?
Alec: Yeah...I'm still sore from last night though.
by Homie Cool March 13, 2010
When something that happens to slow down you're action. Similar to cock blocking, except that it pertains to everything, not just pussy. A speed bumper is your friend, but he likes to watch you have a hard time with what you do
My boy was speed bumping our good time by getting too drunk to drive and making us call a cab.
by BBlanc March 15, 2009
A variation of the bump and grind which results in accidental or "accidental" penetration...aka sex on a dance floor.
Joe: "So dude, how was the party last night?"

Dan: "Man, it was awesome, me and Kelly were grinding all night and then....we started speedbumping."

Joe: "No way man! Nice!"
by Yeskimo August 19, 2009

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