used to describe something that is way beyond cool, awesome, or bitchin.
"Yo, have you seen Madden '09? That shit is so sparta."

"Last nite was fuckin sparta tho! We gota do that again asap."
by miss goodvibes August 18, 2008
rich town in northern New Jersey, that is full of really pretentious people with kids who in fact own the world and are better than everybody else.
Most of the young people in this town wear guesss, coach, gucci and clothes that people in other towns cant afford. only very few kids are fuck ups and druggeeyyss. there cheerleaders are hottt and run around in really short skirts and low shirts. well sparta is great place!
guy: heyy look a cheerleader!!!
other guy: shes hotttt, she mustt be from Sparta!!!!
by sillyy gooose July 14, 2008
a nice ass town in jersey which everyone hates because some of us are a little rich and yes we have our snobs but most of us are cool people. everyone thinks that we all smoke weed and alot of us do but hey we win all our sports so u got beat by a bunch of pot heads congratulations. our cops have no life and bother us when they really should bother the kids who have no life and who aren't even from our town who come to it just to tell us we are gay when they are drivin a piece of crap and drove 20 minutes to get there on a weekend just to tell us that cause they are jealous that we have cool stuff in our town and they don't
other kid: wow you guys are from sparta wow u guys are gay

sparta kids: we're gay you don't see us coming to your town just to diss you cause we have nothing better to do

other kid: speachless and drives away in his piece of crap minivan
by ~~E~~~~Y~~~ September 22, 2007
Sparta, NJ. A whore filled, druggie infested town in northern new jersey. Like seriously all you have to do to beat a sports team here is throw a bag a weed on the ground and theyll all go running towards it. and here in sparta the girls dont wear short-shorts...they wear whore-shorts. the white kids for some reason think theyre black...makes no sense. Every kid thinks they can do what they want because theyre mommies and daddies are rich and give them whatever they want. There are some normal families in Sparta...but not many...like 10..at the most. And for some reason kids in Sparta also think they're cool if they hang out in front of CVS, Panera Bread, Dunkin Donuts or go swimming in a sewage pit called Lake Mohawk.
Spartan 1- Ohhh letss hang outt tonight!
Spartan 2- Omggg we can hang out in front of Panera Bread then go get high At Lake Mohawkk!
Spartan 3-dudeee soundss amazinng.

Normal Kid- what. the. fuck. get me out of this town. now.
cute, good, something positive - based on the awesome movie 300, where Leonidas yells "THIS IS SPARTA!"
I'm really thirsty. Boba would be most sparta.
by tlee for three March 27, 2007
A nice quiet town Northwest of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Actually considered a "Diamond in the Rough" academically because it has kind of flown below the radar for years. Most "Pretentious" people from the Grand Rapids area look down upon the residents of Sparta, considering them trash and incompetent. The people of Sparta are known for their fanatical Blue Collar work ethic and think that the "Pretentious" attitudes of surrounding areas stem from the fact that Spartans tend to be on the lower end of the workforce totem pole. The nice people of Sparta are fine with and almost welcome this attitude, as it keeps most people from venturing "north" to explore. Sparta is an example of one of those small towns where most people know each other and you can't seem to walk down the street without bumping into a few friends. People live comfortably amongst each each in this town, a place where you can still keep the doors unlocked at night (albeit, there is trouble from time to time as there is in most places). The town mascot is the obvious - The Spartan. Athletic teams are now competitive in most sports, something this quiet little village couldn't claim in recent years. However there is an exception as there seems to be a basketball hoop on every garage in this town, and the Basketball (boys and girls) teams are far from competing for a state championship. A nice place to grow up and raise a family, which again, is a very very hard place to find these days. Hopefully we won't get too much negative feedback on this site like our bretheran in Sparta, NJ.
Boy #1 - "Hey man, where are you from?"
Boy #2 - "I'm from Sparta, MI"
Boy #1 - "Your dad must work for my dad then - you Spartans suck!"
Boy #2 - "Yeah, well, you know what they say about Spartans - they have huge cocks and superhuman strength!"
by Cocomungo October 04, 2007
an additive to the first definition...

sparta is also a town where to be anything less than a rich, white, drugged up, gay-bashing, mindless, racist moron is completely unacceptable.

if you dont fit this criteria, you will be shunned and hated for it.
"hey, i'm holding a pro-gay rights benefit show in sparta this weekend. wanna come?"

"no way man, fuck you, you fucking faggot. you should go home and kill yourself for being gay. you have no rights"
by Anominious March 29, 2006
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