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A game originally created in 2005. An online, "free", Lego-Like building game.
Local players would say that Roblox's community is getting worse and worse. Roblox is also giving less and less privileges to the players who do not pay for their exclusive Pay-With-Real-Money-To-Get-Advantages Club, "Builder's Club." (Also known as BC by the roblox community)
Most of the players on Roblox use Internet Slang, such as "Rofl", "Lol", "Lmao", "Wtf", etc.
Most players are around the ages of 7-12, and most of the time use bad grammar. (You can compare Roblox chat with MSN.)
Some of the "Popular" people on Roblox seem to be quitting the website. They usually claim that "The community is bad." Many of these people became famed on "Youtube" because of some videos recorded on Roblox.
Roblox is capable of you building your own "Place." Places are most like games, built with legos. To put it simply, they use Particle effects and "Lua" scripting. They also have a "Free Model" feature built in.
Since 2008, places have been mainly made with "Free Models", to create obstacle courses without the need to program your own game. Many veterans on roblox find this annoying, but new players find nothing wrong with taking the OpenSource work of others to create their own "Place."
The term "Noob" is very commonly used on Roblox. Most Roblox players have adapted to think that this term means "Idiot", "Idiotic", "Dumb", etc. The original meaning for this word is "New Player", however.
Hey, meet me on ROBLOX as 5:15
by brayofden February 05, 2010
1. An ancient city. Spartans were well known for their brutal fighting. It was the dominant military power of Greece until 371 BC, after their defeat in the "Battle of Leuctra."

2. An internet meme originating from the movie "300." It is simply a scene where King Leonidas kicks a Persian messenger in the chest, falling down a giant hole.
1. I have to do a report on Sparta.

2. This! Is! SPARTA!
by brayofden February 05, 2010

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