Everyone shut up about Sparta. Vernons better cuz it's dirty.
Sparta sucks. I hate living in Sparta. As soon as mom and Dad kick me out, i'll be lost and on my ass.
by Kevin1980 January 03, 2008
Sparta a town in northern NJ that is home to rich white snobs. It is hated by other towns becuse the kids in it think they are the best and could do what ever they want. It has alot of drugs in it that all the kids buy by taking there parents money and the girls are total tramps. Sparta has about 5 minurities but evry one in the town thinks there gangstar or O.G. so if you can avoid sparta do it.
Boy 1 yo lets get high
Boy 2 yea but why
Boy 1 cause in sparta theres nothin better to do
by nick oldriscol January 10, 2008
a town in northern nj where all the white kids think their black and th only 3 fuckin black kids think their white. sometimes reffered to as sparlem by the assholes who think it can be compared to Harlem. everyones rich and even if their not that rich, their still rich. they hang out in front of CVS.... Whhyy??!?!! to buy fuckin toothpaste?!?! the lake is just a giant whole filled with sewage but since everyones so high, they go tubing out their on mommy and daddys boat. and everyones so high, all day, every day. im serious, bro. SO. FUCKIN. HIGH!
all sparta white kids- i be so tipsy, bitch, n high as a mothrfucka!!!!! reppin sparlem, niggaaass!!!!

black kid- Alcohol? Weed? =O Oh dear me, what a conundrum! Please allow me to be excused. I must study for tomorrows trigonomotry exam

normal kid- what. the. fuck.
by drugsdrugsdrugsdrugsdrugs December 08, 2007
Sparta is home to some of the most spoiled brats ever. The "poor" people in Sparta aren't even poor. They all get what they want because their parents are loaded and live in huge houses. Most of them take the money their parents give them and go buy alcohol or drugs with it. This town has nothing to do in it other than to drink and do drugs, which is why all the kids are fuck ups. Their high school is piece of shit which is now being remodeled and is the most expensive school remodel in NJ, a whole $71 Million dollars. Next time you go to town look around CVS or Dunkin Donuts and you will see people doing drugs or drinking. Our middle schoolers are a disgrace, pretty much all of them are whores or are whore wannabee’s. However, Sparta is very good at sports and that’s why half the people move here, if your thinking of moving to Sparta don't! It will be a decision you will regret forever.
Person 1: Wanna go and see a movie?
Person 2: Where?
Person 1: Sparta Theater.
Person 2: EW no I frekin hate Sparta!Let's go to Rockaway.
by you don"t need to know 265738 April 13, 2009
A poor man's At the Drive-In.

A VERY poor man's At the Drive-In.
Jessica: What are you listening to? It sounds like a mediocre version of At the Drive-In.

Bob: Oh, it's Sparta.
by 20YardJetLag January 17, 2005
"...The Mars Volta, who do weird prog-shit and only have fans cos they're too scared to admit that they're listening to them simply to be cool."

You're an idiot.

Sparta are pretty good (Collapse is one of my favourite ever songs) but they fall so short of The Mars Volta's brilliance that is must be embarrasing for them.
"Hey whats that your listening to? Sounds kinda like Blink 182 doing ATD-I covers."
"Yeah, its Sparta. And by the way, The Mars Volta are gay."
by atthedrive-inforever January 24, 2005
While still an okay band, one that can not compare to the magic of at the drive-in or the mars volta.
"At the bottom of the barrel, to great surprise, we found our lives."
by timmy January 21, 2005

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