1. An ancient city. Spartans were well known for their brutal fighting. It was the dominant military power of Greece until 371 BC, after their defeat in the "Battle of Leuctra."

2. An internet meme originating from the movie "300." It is simply a scene where King Leonidas kicks a Persian messenger in the chest, falling down a giant hole.
1. I have to do a report on Sparta.

2. This! Is! SPARTA!
#meme #city #greece #military #300
by brayofden February 05, 2010
ok, so everyone thinks sparta is a town for stuck-up rich snobs on drugs. well, it's definatly not. I've lived in Sparta for 10 years and its nothing like people think it is. The kids and definatly not snobs. they have the tipycal snobby kids, but hey what schools dont? Sparta has a decent amount of money, but its not like the town of the rich people. people should definatly get to know people in Sparta before they go making assumptions like they do.
-hey, your from sparta?
-thats cool.
#sparta #new jersey #sussex county #northern new jersey #east coast
by k<3 October 05, 2006
A small town in Wisconsin mostly inhabited by whores, liars, drug dealers, and scrubs. although not all are, the rest are Oaxaca, pronounced (whohaca) which rhymes with caca... i don't think thats coincidental. basically a drug town with many mexicans.... if you ever do visit this magical land, dont sit on the toilet seats in public for you may get an std. happy travels!
Hey we live in sparta, you should come visit us.

no thanks.
#mexican #sparta #whore #slut #drug
by danikalifornialou November 15, 2010
Simalar to "Madness" or "Crazy" or "insaneand used in colloquial English language. Usually used by suave kids.
- "Madness? This is SPARTA!"

- "I was talking to my mate the other day while we were painting my bar, and he spilled the paint. I was like: "Oh my god! that's so Sparta!""
#sparta #300 #madness #crazy #insane
by Foxtrot_859 December 07, 2009

1. to kick some one annoying straight in the chest whilst shouting

2. to ejaculate in a woman/girls vagina then stand up, shout "THIS IS SPARTAAAAA" and boot them out of bed.
just before you ejaculate, kick the woman/girl out of bed and shout "THIS IS SPARTAAAAA"
and ejaculate on them
1. sparta!!!
(jane) *stop poking me*
(carl) *or what?*
*kicks in the chest*

(carl) oh yeah im fucking you good
(carl) Im gna come
*carl comes*
(jane) is that it?
*kicks out of bed* (preferably through a window)
#300 #leonidas #legend #king #sex
by Marcus Colley March 25, 2008
to post 300 comments in a single thread on Facebook.
Comment #10 of 300 - "I feel like we are gonna Sparta this one tonight."

Comment #150 of 300 - "We're halfway to Sparta!"

Comment #300 - "THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!!"
#sparta #the 300 #madness #this is sparta #soul dracula #soul frankenstein
by Vaccus Oaticus September 01, 2010
Spooge + fart + cum; the mixture of fluids created during the act of a hard ass-fucking.
Babe, if you pounded my ass too hard spartum might shoot out my ass.
#anal #cum #fart #spooge #sex
by S&M-NYC December 02, 2009
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