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bat, penis, cow, faggot, zim, television, hotdogs, hippies, fat people, lard, spam, lol, wtf.
*kicks messenger into conveniently placed hole*
by AJ da []D [] []\/[] []D January 07, 2008
A rich town in northern New Jersey, that is full of really pretentious people with kids who think they own the world and are better than everybody else, when in fact they are considered assholes to everybody who meets them that isn't from Sparta.
Most of the young people in this town are on a lot of drugs because they can afford to buy them with their parent's money. Their parents in the meantime think their kids are perfect, when in actuality they are fuckups.
Guy: Where are you from?
Sparta Kid: Sparta.
Guy: Oh... you are one of them, thought so, you seemed like an asshole.
Sparta Kid: Yo, fuck off, I live in Sparta and you don't, you are just jealous.
Guy: Riiiiight...
by The Suit April 28, 2005
While on a roof having sexual intercourse, as your about to cum spin her around, jizz on her face, qnd kick her off the roof while screaming "THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!!!"
I sparta's my girlfriend last night. The medical bills were so worth it.
by McCafe xX June 22, 2014
Verb (Sparta-ing; Sparta-ed)

To Sparta; When someone kicks someone else very hard in the chest just like from the movie "300". Better used if person being kicked falls from a height.

Noun (Sparta)

When someone is referring to "the kick".
Verb - The frat boy got spartaed off of the roof and into the pool.

- The pirate started spartaing his prisoners off his ship.

Noun - The Sparta Leroy did on Bob was AMAZING! Although he did get detention for it.
by Der Shöpfer des Wahnsinns May 29, 2013
A sexual act inspired by the hit movie, 300. During anal sex, when the man pulls out quickly, then shouts “THIS…IS…SPAAAAAAAAARTA” as he thrusts violently back into his girlfriend (Bones Points if he banana peels the condom).
Guy: dude, did you hear about Joe? He’s fucking Leonidas; He Sparta’d his girlfriend last night!
Girl: No way!
by Alice A2 August 08, 2009
Sparta is a town in North Jersey where kids go to town and pretend to skate but they really suck. I know cuz i live there. We go hang out at Frank's pizza and the newly built Panera Bread. All the emos hang out at Dunkin Donuts, and they go in the bathroom to do drugs. They think they are cool but, they are gay. Our 7th graders are digraces, doing every drug immaginable. We have a lot of snowboarders who go to Mountain Creek, the worst mountain immaginable. Also there are kids who think they are cool in marching band who do drugs before every practice, they are all fags. But Sparta is pretty cool if you come here you may like it, but if not dont make a deffinition unless you really know what it is like.
Yo where you from?
Wow you're a fag!
by PEYAH! April 27, 2007
Sparta is a small agricultural society leading the European Union. Its main values are democracy, justice and freedom of all men. Its gifts to mankind are arts and religion, and is renowned for their great army.

SPARTAAAAAAAAAA!!!, on the other hand, (note the difference in number of AAAAAAAs) is a perpetual bloodbath notorious for their blood-red beaches, severed body parts strewn across the ground, 6 women being raped simotanously, and their hand in their pants. Residents of the city spend their free time skinny-dipping in hot tubs filled with blood, larynges, ears, eyeballs, blood, small intestines, large intestines, large intestines stuffed inside small intestines, and, to the horror of many blood. If you go to SPARTAAAAAAAAAA!!!, be sure to bring a large army, your balls, and several thousand gallons of moonshine.
“Note To Self:Do No Take Midnight walks In Sparta, When Insane Leaders Are Around......”

~ The Persians on Sparta
by DINING IN HEELLL! February 17, 2009
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