To break the glass of a car door using a small white piece of hard plastic broken off from a spark plug, breaking windows almost silently
Suspect 1 -"How we gonna break into this car man?"
Suspect 2 -"We'll do sparky jobs"
Suspect 1 -"Whats a Sparky job??"
Suspect 2 -"Just throw that spark plug onto the ground untill the white part breaks...then throw a small piece as hard as you can to shatter the's almost completely silent...then chip away the glass where the lock is"
by -SKITZO- March 21, 2006
A person who drinks a lot of Mt. Dew Live Wire who may or may not proceed to bounce off the walls and anything or anyone else.
"Hello sparky."
"Gimme Dew HiHi!!"
by Sparky McPeach May 04, 2005
Sparky is the nickname given to a southen fairy by fellow southern faries because they feel the name Mark is to man-ly for him and he needs something more fitting for his 'personality'
is that sparky wearing my red high heels again?
by northen monkey April 08, 2004
A high aggressive female god. In need a spading as well as some of her shots. Hard to train and may have a problem with liquor. Also has a major liking for anything Star Wars. All around a very strange dog.
Sparky likes to bite all the innocent men at cryans.
by HES May 04, 2004
a crap ass electrician with a $100 dollar call out charge who never finishes the job
"dude what the hell happened in here"
"damn sparky crossed the wires"
by snake_eyes July 21, 2006
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