a high school students best friend. sparknotes.com
"did u do summer reading?"
"well...sparky did."
by redrobot September 09, 2005
Nickname for someone when you can't remember their name
Oi! Sparky!
by squashi_mitsu December 06, 2003
Pet name used for girls(usually when you can't remember their name). Similar to other classic pet names such as love muffin, pookie, or bitch.
Hey sparky, how the hell you been?
by G. Sherman August 10, 2003
when youre joking with someone and don't give a fuck if you know their name or not,and make it evident disrespectfully when you post
i don't give a flying fuck who the fuck you think you are sparky,that type of shit doesnt fly on audiogalaxy
by Guy Williams July 27, 2006
A redhead, wild and untameable whilst being sexy and sweet, purr's like a kitten when not on her feet. Thrashes around town in an Elise, talented and very willing to please.
Believe me, every fella should have one!
by Jeepy December 15, 2004
adjectival:to be a gay homosexual,an uphill gardener,a bender.Originally thought to have derived from the tv series South Park's Cartman's eloquent assessment of Stan's sexually confused dog "Sparky"(later to be confirmed by his acceptance at the big gay animal sanctuary).
"I really liked Mike at first,he was a good friend and we shared a lot of things in common...but after a while i couldn't help but notice that he was a little bit sparky".
by p marty November 01, 2006
To break the glass of a car door using a small white piece of hard plastic broken off from a spark plug, breaking windows almost silently
Suspect 1 -"How we gonna break into this car man?"
Suspect 2 -"We'll do sparky jobs"
Suspect 1 -"Whats a Sparky job??"
Suspect 2 -"Just throw that spark plug onto the ground untill the white part breaks...then throw a small piece as hard as you can to shatter the glass...it's almost completely silent...then chip away the glass where the lock is"
by -SKITZO- March 21, 2006

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