Used to describe something which is excellent, shit hot, worth the wait etc.
Opposite of craptastic
dude1: woooww, dude2 my mum is soo totally spanktastic!
dude2: ?
by Carnophage December 17, 2004
Top Definition
Adj. A description attributed to a place, emotion or person to convey the feeling of excitement and satisfaction often with undertones of sexuality.
"That girl is totally spanktastic."
by Pip April 24, 2003
1.) Someone or something so sexy that it makes you want to spank the monkey.
2.) An ass so fine that when you see it you want to give it a smack.
3.) A severe bitch-slap beat down.
Wow that porn was spanktastic!
Holy shit that ass is spanktastic!
He got shit-kicked last night it was spanktastic!
by roughhausen March 11, 2007
A really good masterbation session
Last night was spanktastic
by rocky allnyte May 22, 2003
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