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Adj. A description attributed to a place, emotion or person to convey the feeling of excitement and satisfaction often with undertones of sexuality.
"That girl is totally spanktastic."
by Pip April 24, 2003
23 7
Used to describe something which is excellent, shit hot, worth the wait etc.
Opposite of craptastic
dude1: woooww, dude2 my mum is soo totally spanktastic!
dude2: ?
by Carnophage December 17, 2004
12 4
1.) Someone or something so sexy that it makes you want to spank the monkey.
2.) An ass so fine that when you see it you want to give it a smack.
3.) A severe bitch-slap beat down.
Wow that porn was spanktastic!
Holy shit that ass is spanktastic!
He got shit-kicked last night it was spanktastic!
by roughhausen March 11, 2007
5 0
A really good masterbation session
Last night was spanktastic
by rocky allnyte May 22, 2003
2 11