5'6" leggy blonde girl with blue/green eyes, and parents who are enthusiastic about basketball. Has a generally good and slightly perverted sense of humor. At first comes off as a far off, ditzy, space cadet, but is really a deep and emotional person. Plays volleyball and basketball, and makes all the boys drool ;)
"Whoah, dude have you seen the new girl? She's totally Spalding material!"

"Yeah, she's hot, I had a dream about her last night... "
by wouldilietoyou?? October 03, 2011
Top Definition
The term coined when a man rubs one out into his lovers eyes whilst she/he sleeps. The semen then hardens as the lover sleeps blissfully unaware of the surprise waiting for her/him when they awake.

The term "spalding" originated from an unknown source, but has become a popular name for this most beloved of sexual pranks.
Matt jizzed into Doug's eyes whilst he was sleeping. The next morning, Doug awoke to find that he couldn't open his eyes. Trying to remove the crispy and slightly sticky residue from around his eyes, his fingers and face got all gunked up.

Matt gave Doug a very nice spalding last night after a lovers tiff!
by Jam-Master Jay March 13, 2008
Verb: A desperate minor finishing abandoned drink(s) after a dinner or party.
Look at Jimmy over spalding that table
by DaShooster June 20, 2010
any abandoned beverage especially/typically occurring after/during a big party...coined by the Beasters of EC Glass High School class of 1990

It is a reference/ode to "Spalding" the teenage character in "Caddy Shack" who at one point in the movie slinks down the bar finishing all the left behind beers and cocktails
There were a bunch a lighweights at the party last night as indicated by the hundreds of spaldings we had to clean up.
by jcollege May 18, 2009
A bald-headed man, who is usually black or latino. Refers to the brand of a popular bowling ball.
Girl check out Spalding! He is muy caliente!
by Valinda November 01, 2006
The act of a man tea bagging a woman's face until she chokes to death.
When the coroner arrived, he determined the cause of death was spalding. The woman was suffocated by Mr. Cox's ridciulously huge ball sack which had already been filed on record as a deadly weapon.
by Dr. Kenneth Kaniff December 07, 2008
In reference to when someone with the last name spalding has a large sex organ.
Man Scott
spal has a big ding! Spal ding is short for spalding, the last name of my man Scottie Spalding. Fuck Ewings Sarcoma!
by Adam Stefanik April 06, 2008
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