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A hipper, sexier way of describing a man with no hair. But it can also be a more amusing or insulting term to depict bald men as well.
Bald-headed men are often very sexy and masculine.
by Valinda November 01, 2006
having no hair. a female having less than 3 inches of hair.
that chick has no hangtime, she's bald headed as fuck.
by HollisterChick90 August 02, 2008
To have control over someone.
"I got that kid bald-headed."
by PCooper May 02, 2008
A man women think is ugly. Bald is not cool. Especially if it's coming out naturally. Studies have shown that women pick the man who's losing his hair last. Bald men are known for being untrustworthy.
What a pity, he's bald-headed!
by Scbk November 13, 2007