1) The social place for Astronauts.
2) A key on a keyboard which has a nice name but doesn't do much.
"Dude, I am going to Mir."
"Dude, have fun at the spacebar."
by Soiled Undergarment August 17, 2003
Top Definition
A place where aliens and astronauts can knock back a few drinks.
Alien: £^%!2zxc£5"%!£&*£35aj%!&£*% ?
Alien2: Yeah, i got time, let's head for the space bar
by Jeff24 April 30, 2005
That thingy a lot of people don't use when they should
Hit the damn space bar once in a while!
by Arizek November 30, 2004
a very brief pause between words when speaking so people can understand you.
(credit to comedian Howie Mandel)
You talk too fast, man, use your f**king spacebar.
by Mickey E July 20, 2005
Space bar the key thats so popular it makes enter look like Z.
No one gets more attention that space bar.
Z-No one ever uses me!
Space bar- wow man thats sad i get used 24-7 Maybe you should have been born a vowel or something. At least you can spell Zoolander though.
by Nirvana rapes you January 02, 2008
Possibly the sexiest key on the standard keyboard. It feels good to press down, and you just want to do again and again and again and.... if you're a hardcore user, you might want to consider wearing a condom.
*presses the spacebar*

"Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, what a feeling!!!! Toyot-"
"Quiet, you!"
by Dylan Hewson August 09, 2005
The space between words when speaking, so that you can be understood; people that talk too fast and mumble do not use their spacebar. (Credit to comedian Howie Mandel.)
She was so excited and talking a mile a minute, I told her to chill and use her f**king spacebar.
by Mickey Eldooo August 10, 2005
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