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the ultimate fucked up shit.
when somehting sucks really bad
i cant believe that cop arrested us! what faggotdouchebagitry.

u better fuckin be there tonight dont pull any faggotdouchebagity on me!
by fuckfacekilla March 04, 2008
when your watching a movie on your laptop, with your boyfriend or girlfriend, on full screen, you press space bar to pause it to have sex.
Nick: Space bar time?
Nicolle: hell yea!
by fuckfacekilla June 23, 2008
to fist a girl by squeezing all your fingers together as if you had a sock puppet. it kinda looks like a duck.
i totally ducky fisted that chick last night!
by fuckfacekilla March 04, 2008
laughing at your own joke but failing to finish the words "i'm just kidding" so instead it comes out "aja"
Eric: i love donkey cock...hahaha AJA!
by fuckfacekilla March 04, 2008
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