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It is the time you have to do with what you want and no one is around to judge.
I just needed some space. Some time to think.
by Fuger November 09, 2008
Spacing - Verb.

To ignore somebody, when prompted by them. It is also a form of rejection.
Don't worry, Jen, I won't space you
by MatthewThePowerful August 27, 2010
1. (n) The empty portion in your head where your brain is supposed to be.
2. (n) The word to used to describe the universe or out above the earth's atmosphere.
3. (n) An area between something that is usually empty.
4. (v) To have a blank look on one's face as if retarded.
1. Bill has a lot of space between his ears.
2. I wish I could kick your ass into space.
3. You should get that space between your teeth fixed Billy Bob.
4. When Jim was asked what his name was, all he could do is just space.
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
A vapidly non-descriptive alternative to area, domain, subset, segment. Frequently, and most comfortably, employed by marketing, advertising and public relations professionals in jauntily referring to their own or someone else's narrow universe.
While we are undeniably impacting the lives of the users of PDAs positively, we believe our commitment to sustainability provides a significant and leverageable point-of-difference that will enable us to achieve a better than 50 percent share of the under-30 sub-Saharan market in this space before the end of 2Q09.
by aquamanatee March 30, 2009
God's expanding mind. See also universe.
Not even the Millennium Falcon could escape out of Space.
by frodaddy February 02, 2005
Short for a mySPACE profile
Hey jeff you got a space? naw im not on there
by some dude you dont know November 20, 2007
An 'after hours' club near Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza. You can go clubbing for 48 hours straight by alternating between Space and other clubs.
"We had a great time in Ibiza - Space is hardcore, man!"
by Guadalupe1 August 13, 2005