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The act of an overweight individual striking someone with the hand, as in a slap or punch.
Karen, don't look; I think he's gonna get sausage fisted!
by robulastage May 04, 2010
A period of extreme focus; the opposite of being "spaced out".
Did you see him out there? I couldn't shake him; he must have really been spaced in!
by robulastage April 14, 2010
1) A penis that has been in a moist area long enough that it feels heavily saturated, almost like a spaghetti noodle.

2) A long, thin, and flaccid penis.
1) She gave me a real spaghetti penis last night.

2) I don't think I'll call him back; he had a spaghetti penis.
by robulastage May 02, 2010
The state of being wholly incompetent with mathematical functions.
My mathtardation is atstounding. How do you do prime factorization?
by robulastage January 26, 2011
A phrase used to designate your guess who the highest ranking redneck in any group of rednecks is. Can be used to deem the "leader of the pack" or one with the highest of redeck credentials.
Look at that man over there. His mullet has to be at least 9 inches in the back. He has to be the ultimullet!
by robulastage May 16, 2011
A synonym for "just saying." The reasoning behind saying this is that if you heard or read what someone said or typed, you know they said it. There is realistically nothing besides saying the phrase they could have done.
You're kind of an idiot. Just giving birth!
by robulastage February 05, 2011

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