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An Aromatic Herbal Blend that can be bought in your local head shop. Space gets you higher than most Marijuana, and its legal in the USA.
Lets smoke space! Lets go to space!
by FragrantPotpourri July 01, 2010
Urban altern-a-chicks and Metrosexuals don't live in apartments, homes, houses, pads or places, they live in 'Spaces'.

'Spaces' are very similar to apartments, but are not apartments. if you call it an apartment you will be corrected ("no, this is my 'Space'").

'Spaces' contain many of the same amenities as apartments (heat, running water, doors, walls, etc.) but have some notable differences:
*A futon or mattress on the floor instead of a bed.
*Furniture is a mixture 'found' and Ikea.
*Beverages available in a 'Space' are limited to tea, organic juice, wine and bottled water.
*Food available in a 'Space' is a mixture of organic vegetables, takeout, and salmon.
*'If it's yellow let it mellow...' is strictly enforced in a 'Space'.
*All art in a 'Space' is made by the inhabitant or the inhabitant's friends.
*'Spaces' are generally found in a low-income area, so the inhabitant can "keep it real" and avoid the label of a 'sell out' or 'Yuppie'. The inhabitant is generally oblivious to the irony of they're participation in gentrification.
*The most likely guest to a 'Space' is not a boyfriend/girlfriend, but a 'partner'. Metrosexuals and couch hippies are also likely to be found visiting.
*'Spaces' are often divided into sub-spaces (listed in order of importance: 'Art-space', 'Cooking-space', 'Living-space', 'Sleeping/Loving-space') and a Shitter.
Altern-a-chick:"Come see my new 'Space', I just moved in."
Me:"Do you mean your apartment?"
Altern-a-chick:"No, my 'Space'"
by -30- May 07, 2005
A French electronic music band from 1977.
Space's biggest hit was Magic Fly.
by swat1975 August 31, 2008
(v) An act or instance of blowing someone or something out an airlock or cargo hold into the vacuum of space. (i.e. to jettison).

Usually refers to executing a person or creature by exposure to hard vacuum in space, though can also refer to dumping cargo into space as well.
The terrorists will space their hostages if their demands are not met.

We must space our cargo so our ship can be more maneuverable.
by Lutrian February 17, 2004
Millions and millions of miles of silent, nothingness.
Isnt it neet how earth is surrounded by all this space?
by Headladn June 28, 2014
1. Unlimited or incalculably great three-dimensional realm or expanse in which all material objects are located and all events occur.

2. To set some distance apart.

3. Freedom or opportunity to express oneself, resolve a personal difficulty, be alone.
Guy 1: Dude, what happened to that girl you used to talk to.

Guy 2: She decided it was best to give me space.
by Goddess12* December 12, 2013
That shit in the sky that has planets and stars and shit. If you don't know what space is you must be a dumbass.
Gee I love space. Especially the stars in space
by EmilyAndAustinDefineStuff June 11, 2012