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The area inside of Bush's skull.

Idiot: A person with the mental ability of under 3 years of age(George W. Bush)
All republicans are gay!
by Drake January 15, 2005
often requested in a relationship just before being kicked to the curb.
"Honey I could use a little space".
by Mid-sized German girl November 28, 2004
Our body language or vibe. The unspoken that we give to others
Yeah Im all up in her space though
by Sun Rhythms October 13, 2004
Can be used as so: your space, my space, his/her space

Space is refering to a myspace
Add the Urban Dictionary word of the day to your space, bro.
by Jbn, Gstache April 24, 2007
The space between a girls Bra and her boob.
Nichole has lots of space.
by OldSchoolGarg December 17, 2005