A person who is high on drugs.
I'm a mafuckin spacecadet.
by chantellesdflkaw May 18, 2006
A group of pot-smoking gentlemen who smoke gargantuan amounts of marijuana then go on epic adventures. They have certain hide-outs in which they smoke. This began in may of 2009 and started by two straight months of tent parties.
space cadets hideout, strom's backyard, steezy's attic, etc.
by smokeweed420 December 14, 2009
Someone who is really freaky.
stop looking at me you spacecadet
by polly gomer May 06, 2003
Spacey. Spaces out and says things that are totally random. Someone who is not following what is going on because she is busy thinking about photography.
Jen is a Space Cadet! She never realizes whats going on!
by Jen Cheng! February 08, 2009
An airhead.
She is such a space cadet - her head is like the vacuum of space.
by BB62 July 14, 2008
Someone who,regardless of the situation, is the first to mentally wonder off and do something completely random and usually sketchy.Christie
TR: Christie, your such a fuckin' space cadet!!
JT: HAHAHA your totally right bro!! Christie is a space cadet!! madd props to mitch!
by Da Park Ranger July 10, 2008
A person who is extremely attractive, but is very spacey at times with guys she loves.
Quincy is being a space cadet while talking to alex
by rolling stone rehersals May 02, 2010

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