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Like Gaylord and Divvy, one of the most offensive words a 7 year old schoolboy knows. Derived from Spastic, the now politically incorrect term for a person with cerebral palsy
"God Williams, why did you kick the football over the fence! Youre such a spacker"
by Benjy November 21, 2003
An idiot, loser, retard, or moron. Most often associated with younger siblings, dog owners, and 99.9% of all bloggers.
Damnit, why'd you drop that? You're such a fucking spacker!
by Lessien October 08, 2004
Get out of my way, you fucking spacker
by Anonymous April 01, 2003
a nice way of saying "you fucking retard!!"

(can be shortened to spack)
simon walks into a glass door that he thought was open, peter says "my god, you spack/spacker!"
by daisy may March 25, 2005
A Disabled person.
"Don't put jam near that shepherd ye spacker."
by felchmeister General October 23, 2003
Someone who repeatedly acts like a dick because they think that they are being funny
Alan: ha gay ha gay ha gay
Ben: stop being a spacker alan
by spacker110 January 26, 2015
A word used by social rejects who have no life and sit at home playing call of duty all day. Also the most offensive word a 7 year old schoolboy could come up with. In other words complete fuckin idiots.
OMG that noob just killed me the fucking spacker.

Kid: Mom pass me the spliff
Mom: Where is it?
Kid: Your toking it you fucking spacker
by durkadurka muhammajihad February 19, 2009

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