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someone that does you head in so much you wanna kill em
"good hollie is such a space cadet"
by berrrrt October 06, 2009
19 91
One who spends too much time playing video games or fucking around with a cell phone.
The space cadet was in his room playing video games for days.
by Mindless Robot August 17, 2008
24 96
An airhead.
She is such a space cadet - her head is like the vacuum of space.
by BB62 July 14, 2008
42 114
During sex, when the male sticks his head (on top of the body) so far in females ass that it looks like a space cadet helmet. Verb/ Noun
Damn bro, that girl was so fine i gave her a space cadet.
by Scottccc August 30, 2009
23 96
1. One Who Travels in Space
2. Chalm-Chalm
1. Zorf is a space cadet
2. There goes that damn space cadet sticking glowsticks into his ears again
by Ex- Q-Tip March 31, 2004
15 92
a farmar who drives a tractor faster than 10 mph
the exhileration produced from speeds can be very addictive. This speed demon for example is pushing his vehicle to its limits reaching speeds in excess of 18 miles per hour.

He may call it great fun but to the Highland patrol team its wreckless and dangerous.

A £25 fine and 3 points on his license soon brought this space cadet back to earth
by David Richardson April 05, 2005
21 103
An implement for space docking. Usually brown, spiky, cold and hard.
"Bring on the cadet! He must learn how to dock with the mothership!" George Holtby
by James "Cadet" Ramsay December 03, 2004
18 101