A Nazi that posts on the boards.
Soy killed the Jews in Germany. Than he spoke in his nazi toungue
by UP October 08, 2003
A dangerous neurotoxin that hippies seem to love for some reason.

"Soy will kill you"
by bottledonaled March 02, 2009
Some nazi that posts in the forums.
Soy killed the jews, as he spoke in his nazi tounge
by Up October 08, 2003
Noun - Short form of "soy sauce", a savory condiment that can be enjoyed as a seasoning on practically every kind of food, except, perhaps, for cold cereal and birthday cake.
This rice is much too bland. Pass me my trusty Kikkoman soy bottle, please.
by Sean Wilkinson April 01, 2003
Being SOY is being Stuck On Yourself
- Rudy talks about how good looking he is constantly. he is so SOY.

- I asked Kim how she was the other day and she ranted on not even assking how my day was. Some people are so SOY.
by Remedial July 24, 2011
Also known as "power-soy" a faster version of the word soy, soy is chopping marijuana and smoking it. Similar expressions are; chop, mull etc.
Sup man, wanna come for a soy?

So much weed, this soy is fat!
by redderz10 April 26, 2010
Soy has been known to increase the level of estrogen in males. Therefore soy has been deemed a synonym for gay.

Can also be used by adding the suffix bean as an alternative for faggot.
Dude I saw Paul kissing another dude in the park.
Yea he's soy as fuck

Dude, quit being a little soy bean and take a shot.
by DaFerrari November 19, 2009
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