soft, limp, lame, ghey.

soft things done by guys.

Dude, wearing pink is so soy.

Dude shaving your legs is soy.

Being a vegetarian is soy.

Yo pastey...that putting gel in your hair is soy!
by ski bro bra May 29, 2007
Some nazi that posts in the forums.
Soy killed the jews, as he spoke in his nazi tounge
by Up October 08, 2003
A chemically castrating agent that is marketed as food , or even worse health food ,often found in shitty processed microwave foods,
back in 1979 the recommended maximum amount of soy protein was 125 milligrams per day
now the FDA recommends 25 grams a day...
Asians eat less then half the mount of soy as westerners do
cows who eat too much soy die before slaughter
and they are reluctant to eat soy while they wouldn't care eating industrial oils sometimes.
eating soy causes more death per calorie then eating beef (to all the vegans)
some studies claim that there is a link between soy infant formula and homosexuality
many governments including Israel , trance and new Zealand , recommend eating soy only as a last resort , and require warnings on products that contain soy like ciggarets
even so it is still shoved in 60% of all supermarket items so if you just don't eat tofu you still have phytoestrogen in your blood
abbreviation of soyup
soy is so freaking hot
by soyup May 08, 2005
One of these guys that has no life and spends 24/7 on forums.
WOW I mean seriously he's all ways on.
Ur life is one big soy, u do nothing soy boy.
by Willard October 09, 2003
The beach or the ocean, coming from the fact that it is salty like soy sauce.
"Tryin to get rich like Big Boi and have a place by the soy" AK-40 of the Weezel-Lordz
by AK Feezy May 21, 2006
something not exactly right, lacking something of good value.
Man, that joke was soy, like it was missing something that coulda made it nice.
by LilBibby2342 July 19, 2005

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