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a roganized group of people who will stand up for wha they believe...
yo man IUCRIUCSI is every were
by willard November 14, 2004
Can't get a Girl,Has no life, a spammer, a lamer, and all together unoriginal.
Dude ur life is turning out to be an unrealqueer.
by Willard October 04, 2003
Being full of juniper, having juniper-like traits. Slightly undescribable. Can be attained by rum.
She was juniperific in a way that no one could describe.
by Willard November 30, 2004
One of these guys that has no life and spends 24/7 on xbox.com forums.
WOW I mean seriously he's all ways on.
Ur life is one big soy, u do nothing soy boy.
by Willard October 09, 2003
To Be Calm
To Be Athiest
To Not believe in the Spiritual
Man ur sure SOG.
by Willard October 12, 2003
Tinman A person with no skills, and no heart, With lame comebacks, and lil wussified scripts.
dude ur being a tinman.
Stop acting a tinman dude.
by Willard October 11, 2003
A retard with no Girl,No life, and We'll all together no term of common decency.
Man don't be a dudeness.
by Willard October 01, 2003
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