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A term similiar to that of sex god.


"Hey guys, what did you mean when you called me hunchy?"

"We were talking about how hot you were."
by starstruck778 March 05, 2009
A word commonly used to describe a guy as very attractive, or sexy.

1. Did you see that hunchy ? He was fiiiiinneee !

2. Admiring girls : "Bye hunchy !"
Hunchy boy : "Hunchy ?"

by LOVE YA HUNCHY ! March 05, 2009
A feeling of hunger after sex or other sexual pleasure. Usually occuring after feeling aroused. (See horny) Similar to having the munchies.
Tiffany masturbated and then ate a ham sandwich. Tiffany is experiencing the effects of the hunchies.
by bigbiznessplaya March 28, 2005
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