A guy who has a very fine gooch. (I should know ;) )

He writes some very fine poetry.

He also has something for emo girls.

And has legions of fangirls
Soy: SUCK MY GOOCH!!!!1111 NOW!!!1
by HG January 02, 2005
Soy pissed me off so bad that had to smack my own momma!! TWICE!
by Anonymous September 29, 2003
Noun: One who pretends to be female for months over the internet, and may date a male for power/items/etc, then reveals himself as the male he truly is.

Verb: To pretend to be another gender (usually female) on the internet. To date someone over the internet pretending to be a different gender.
1. That soy ... he's horrible.
by LoLuMaD?!?1 January 24, 2008
A cool dude who posts shit on
Soy is muh boytoy
by ReconGoddess October 05, 2003
Coined at Catholic Memorial in Boston. A phrase used to describe asian people. It was derived from soy sauce because asian people eat soy sauce. When an asian person is spotted, people usually yell "Soy!" for no reason. An asian accent is preferable when yelling the word.
As an Asian walks by..."Soy!"
by CMhockey December 16, 2004
Short for "Snob of the Year". When someone ignores you, they are a soy.
solj: yo daz whats up?!
daz: i soy
solj: omg soy'd T_T
by solj April 18, 2004
a replacement for "so"
omg katty is soyyyy kewlzzzzzz
by michelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 20, 2005

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