A southerner is a term usually used to describe people who live in the southern united states. Just because you live there doesn't neccesarily mean you are racist or raised with strong moral values. I was born in Toronto and moved to Kentucky a few years ago. I believe it's a nice place to live and only a few people are actually <racist>. Just because you live in the south doesn't mean you drink beer all the time (baptists are STRONGLY against it) or hang a confederite flag. I have friends who went to UK and ended up going to Princeton,Cambridge,and Harvard. I'm tired of people judging me on where I live or where I'm from. Would you judge a Nigerian and call them a uneducated slave because they lived in Nigeria? I don't think so..
Northerner-Do you know how to read?
Southerner-I got an english scolarship from Yale
Notherner-Right on
Southerner-where did you go for university?
Northerner-Oh, I'm taking a break from school right now.
Southerner-But your 45!
by can't we just get along? September 24, 2006
a term referring to about 50-60 million people who live in the Southeast. Many of these people are generally good, and the majority of them also have a strong sense of morals and traditional family values, which is very important. However, about a quarter or so of them, usually referred to as rednecks or white trash, are not good people. They only make up less than 20 million of them though, and there are also rednecks in The North, too, so its not just The South.
Southerners (the people who live in the states below Kentucky and Missouri) are usually more hospitable and moral than a lot of people in the Northeast or on the West Coast.
by The Midwestrn Soldier July 08, 2005
1. Someone from any of the southern states, i.e. Texas.
2. Individual who loves shooting squirrels and roasting them, chewing tobacco, straw hats, rodeos and Nascar.
"Sam your opinion does not count, you are a damn southerner. Go back to Texas and keep working on how to leave the union."
by HardasMofo February 03, 2013
Humans seem to have a desire to categorize EVERYTHING. We all do it. Southerner became an easy way to gerneralize people who had a different culture. For those of us who had never been south of Illinois and East of Kansas ;it was a broad generalization. Referring to people who had hot summers, talked with a drawl,the highest hospitality rating,liked grits,sweet tea and a realxed, God loving life.
A good friend of mine was from Georgia and called herself a Southerner and was proud of it. She said a Southerner comes from God's country. I am a transplant will I ever be a Southerner?
by Tigger Sanders January 26, 2008
any person who are from the states of virginia, north carolina, south carolina, alabama, georgia, florida, tennesee, mississippi,texas,louisiana, and arkansas. Contrary to popular belief of ignorant yankees who only visit certains parts of the south the south is the most populated region in the U.S. followed by the West coast.So lets do a comparison so the yankees can see the difference or make them more jealous of us.

Georgia- one of the fastest growing states of the u.s. home to the 9th most populated metro area in the U.S. Atlanta with a metro area of 5.1 million ppl and growing also home to CNN which all you yankees watch to find out whats going on with the world.

Texas- the 2nd most populated state in the u.s. behind california also contains 2 major cities that are in the top 10 largest cities and in the top 10 largest metro areas.

Virginia- started southern culture and american culture as a whole. Home to most concentrated army, naval, and air force bases in the whole U.S. and the world so if u wanna serve uncle sam nine times out of 10 you yankees gon be stationed in Virginia.Also started Aol which all you yankees use. Only 5 metro areas in the U.S. have more fortune 500 companies than the Richmond metro area. Hampton roads the largest natural ice free harbor in the world.

North Carolina- a major financial and banking institution in the U.S. also another fast growing southern state in the recent u.s. census it over threw new jersey to become the 10th most populated state. What wait isn;t Jersey a northern state hmmmmmm.

Mississippi- even though its one the most poorest states in the u.s. they still are the No.1 most giving state when it comes to charity good example of southern hospitality.

Florida- sometimes and sometimes not included as southern but none the less its the 4th most populated state in the u.s. expected to overtake new york in the next census to become the 3rd most populated state in the u.s. home to the florida oranges, great year round tourist destination also a yankee playground but ya'll talk bad about the south hmmmmm.

Louisiana- Home to the most unique city in the world New Orleans what city you know can throw a party at somebody funeral?????????????? Even their food and lifestyle set them apart and in there own little world from you Yankees.

Tennesee- Home to Nashville the city of country music and a fast growing metro area which is an estimated 1.5 million. Memphis home of the blues and the 17th largest city in the u.s.

Arkansas- home to one of the biggest chain stores and major fortune 500 company in the u.s. that's right Wal-mart.

Alabama- contrary to what ya'll believe yes i said y'all alabama is a progressive state why do ya'll think they have a toyota and bmw plant located in there state must have been doing something good.

South carolina- home to the of the most visited beache in the south Myrtle beach.

Need any more evidence hell here's my last piece of evidence Gawc worlds cities count 6 southern cities that have international influence 4 of which are gamma cities they are Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, and Miami,if u wanna count Miami. and 2 with small evidence of become world cities which are Richmond V.a. and Charlotte. Need I say more???????????????

so stop putting down the south yea we may have been backwards back in the day but now we coming together and taking the lead in the u.s.
yankee: man my neighbors just packed up and moved and said that there moving to the south

Yankee 2: yea whats up with all the people moving down there

Southerner walks in the neighborhood.

Yankee 2: hey where you from

southerner:im from virginia.

Both Yankees: Virginia??????? what are you doing up north

southerner: o we just looking for places to buy a condo in for when we need a quick break from the southern life.

Yankee: condo????????? but your from the south your suppose to be broke.

Southerner: thats what we want ya"ll to think maybe if ya"ll stop spending your money on low fat lattes, and upscale sushi ya'll can have money like us
by da va kid May 22, 2007
Contrary to popular belief, southerners are not ignorant, drunken hicks that live in trailer parks and eat possum as shown by Dukes of Hazzard and Kevin Federline. Most southerners are well educated and have a strong sense of moral value. And no, not all of us talk like Forrest Gump. Southerners are perhaps the most badass variety of Americans there are and in short, we basically own everything.
Northerner: Haha man that southerner sure is a redneck.

Southerner: Yeah why don't you go practice falling down; I'll be there in a minute.
by mkiff450 August 13, 2006
"Southerner" is a term used by misguided "northerners" to summarize anyone living in the southeast territories of the United States in states such as Virginia, Alabama, or Georgia.

Most of those who would use the word southerner would think that anyone living south of Maryland is inbred, retarded, and racist. For the most part, this is completely and utterly *untrue*. Racism is an uncommon thing in most areas, the majority of peoples living in the south having left behind that narrow minded view. As for southerners being inbred, one would have to believe that incestual acts simply halt at the state boarders between the north and south. While "inbreeding" within the human populus does happen, it is widespread and not centralized in the south.

While the ratio of high school graduates to drop-outs is marginally lower in the south compared to the north, there is a larger number of college graduates. This may be contributed to the fact that there are more job opportunities in the northern states and a slightly larger population. Overall, a southerner is the same as any other citizen of this grand country. To think that anyone of the same nationality as your own is lesser than you simply because they live in a different area is indeed incompetent and most definitely retarded.

By-the-by, I live in the south and I'm proud of it. So if any of you reading this want to call me a hick, go ahead. I don't care. Just remember that the Man Upstairs is watching and listening to all that you say and do.
Samuel: "Damn that guy's stupid. He must be a southerner."

Bill: "Nope, he's from New York."
by Zachery P. December 08, 2007

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