"Southerner" is a term used by misguided "northerners" to summarize anyone living in the southeast territories of the United States in states such as Virginia, Alabama, or Georgia.

Most of those who would use the word southerner would think that anyone living south of Maryland is inbred, retarded, and racist. For the most part, this is completely and utterly *untrue*. Racism is an uncommon thing in most areas, the majority of peoples living in the south having left behind that narrow minded view. As for southerners being inbred, one would have to believe that incestual acts simply halt at the state boarders between the north and south. While "inbreeding" within the human populus does happen, it is widespread and not centralized in the south.

While the ratio of high school graduates to drop-outs is marginally lower in the south compared to the north, there is a larger number of college graduates. This may be contributed to the fact that there are more job opportunities in the northern states and a slightly larger population. Overall, a southerner is the same as any other citizen of this grand country. To think that anyone of the same nationality as your own is lesser than you simply because they live in a different area is indeed incompetent and most definitely retarded.

By-the-by, I live in the south and I'm proud of it. So if any of you reading this want to call me a hick, go ahead. I don't care. Just remember that the Man Upstairs is watching and listening to all that you say and do.
Samuel: "Damn that guy's stupid. He must be a southerner."

Bill: "Nope, he's from New York."
by Zachery P. December 08, 2007
Since I am a southerner I'll give you a REAL defintion.
Many believe that we are rednecks ,white trash ,and a hick.
I for one am not, and many people that I know are not. See I have ALL my teeth, and I have no country accent what so ever. My friends call it an American accent. I have a fucking education thank you very much. In no way am I racist. I hate country music. I'm more into metal and Deftones, Team Sleep. I don't believe that the south will rise again, and many people here think that will never happen. We lost for a GOOD reason. Plus it was 1861 to 1865 way before our lifetimes. Yes, we say y'all what else are you surpposed to say? Ihr?(German for you pural.) GET THE FUCK OVER IT.
The south is a very good place to lice. If you northerners can stand the heat.
Example doesn't use the word southerner. Use the word in a sentence.
Example has too many blank lines in a row.
Example has too many blank lines in a row.
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Example has too many blank lines in a row.
by vfdc October 14, 2007
A southerner in England is someone who lives below the North/South divide in England. All Northerners hate the south because they are soft little faries. A clash between a Northerner and a Southerner could end up in tears for the Southerners.
I fucking hate those southern faries
Hey, look, a southerner, let's shit on him
Wanna ride in an ambulance you southern fuck?
by H-boy November 29, 2007
Anyone born/or currently living in the following states:
West Virginia
North Carolina
South Carolina
Southerners make up America's heartland. It's no wonder George W. Bush got elected twice.
by TheImpersonator87 May 29, 2012
People who use apostrophes anytime they write and pronounce I's as A's, and O's as I's. They also pronounce every store name with an S at the end. To add to the frustration, they can't properly pronounce a one syllable word.
They've usually only traveled about 20 miles from their hometown, except for that one exciting trip to Myrtle Beach, aka The Mecca of White Trash.

They tend to have newer automobiles, big TVs and huge beer budgets, while being on food stamps and with all 7 kids getting free lunch at school.

They have a reputation of being racist; most are not. They also have a reputation for being hospitable; most definitely are not.
Southerner: What are yew dooen de next few day's?

Normal person: Ah, going over to Europe... there is a big fest in Austria this weekend.

Southerner: Damn ah ain't never been to no Awstrayyylya.

Normal person: Austria.

Southerner: Awstrayyylya. Anyway, ah'm goin to Wal-Mart's to get some clothe's. Thee-in, ah'm goin ta Winn-Dixie's. Doooo you wawna come?

Normal person: *kills self*
by frackingoo September 04, 2011
1. Some one born south of the mid west

2. The area containing the dumbest people in the country

(I live in Oklahoma, The entire state is extreme right wing, conservative, Christian cluster fuck; we have to many fat ass people and to little Intelegent people, do not visit the south, especially Oklahoma, you can't get laid, science education, non judgemental people, and too many assholes)
Bill: do you believe in Jesus? Glenn Beck? Fox News? And think gays are satanic?

Luke:...No, southerner ways of life suck

Bill: 'ight then, we will hang your ass at sundown, and then watch Hannity
by The USSR January 28, 2010
See: Retard; Douchebag; Dumbfuck.
Only Southerners still use the term 'Yankee.'

Person A: "Damn... he's a bit slow, or is it just me?"
Person B: "Nah, he's just a Southerner."

Intelligence is frowned upon in the South.
by Mr. Knows-It-All September 30, 2007

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