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The lord god of all video games.
As soon as I put Half Life 2 into my CD-ROM drive, I exploded in my pants.
by mastershake211 March 04, 2006
A ringlike muscle that normally maintains constriction of a body passage or orifice and that relaxes as required by normal physiological functioning.
I cant think of an examplefor the word sphincter.
by mastershake211 March 04, 2006
One who lives in the southern half of the United States. They are sometimes, but not always, ignorant and have atrocious grammar and spelling, like whoever wrote definition number 2. They sometimes have an unusually large amount of pride for the south, due to the fact that they still havent gotten over their own defeat in the Civil War yet.
The person who wrote number 2 spelled the word 'write' wrong. The rest of them all had good definitions. Southerner.
by mastershake211 March 07, 2006
An acronym for Animal Liberation Front. They are funded by the so-called 'animal rights group' PETA, and are currently under FBI watch for being a known terrorist organization.
Dude, the ALF just fire-bombed my dad's car dealership and now were homeless!! :(
by mastershake211 March 04, 2006
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