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Group of Satans who control corporate America.
The Fortune 500 tricked me into fucking my sister, and then took my money.
by evii October 19, 2004
The people who aren't stupid enough to get convinced to fuck their own sisters and give up their money.

They will typically taunt others with the line, "I f*cked your sister, why don't you? You know you will like it. Mind if I get a couple of dollars for that suggestion?"

Unfortunately some people cannot see that they are just joking and do end up screwing their sisters and paying people for the opportunity.

Those people are most likely to be extremely liberal and caught up in the notion that daddy's oil money will never run out. Thats you, Colorado College students!
I want to own a Fortune 500 company, not work for one. That girl is your sister? I think I have met here before, but where...? oh yeah!
by This is it October 21, 2004
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