- a fictional drug
- also the a song by both 'The Strokes' and 'Smashing Pumpkins'
- great internet based, indie radiostation, somafm
Soma - the opiate of blame
by Left Nut December 25, 2003
white pill that when taken it bulk results in memory loss, and lots of udi's
man, i ate so many somas last night, what was your name again?
by Nikki September 25, 2003
Sits on My Ass
Sitting on My Ass
Sat on My Ass

Myth of Soma, a 7year old MMORPG inspired this word.
Normal person: What have you been doing all day?

Gamer person: *shrug* Soma of course.

by Woohzal January 22, 2008
a cheap skeletal muscle relaxant that is widely abused by people who aren't aware of anything better out there to abuse.
"That chick took 18 somas... didn't she know that 4 valium would do the same thing?"
by willie the dog September 24, 2003
acronym for "Son of a monkeys ass". Mainly used in the same contexts as 'son of a bitch'. Can also be used in the verb form
Go soma yourself. haha mike I win. I win.
by ilikepie2000001 April 09, 2008
The much more perfered, hip termonology for the renowed party towns of Maplewood and South Orange. Said in place of MapSo.
"Hey we gonna party in MapSo tonight?"
"What the fuck is MapSo, fag? I'm from SoMa"
by party to support mr. triaz December 27, 2005
Firstly Soma is my name, a kurdish girl's name.
it can also be a hungarian boy's name (i don't like to mention that)
also a cool drug, good song and so on.
Hey Soma, how are you?
I smoked some somas last night, wow man!
by Soma February 04, 2004
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