A small time,SouthSide gang from Somerton, Arizona. Known as SG13, VSG13, or Soma13.
barrio soma gang riffa y controla
by bigblunts November 05, 2007
You and your partner indulge in splendorous sex which was so good that you and your partner both need to lay down and go into a sex coma. (AKA soma)
"We had such great sex last night the Soma lasted until this morning!"
by FlyingTurdNinja March 07, 2013
Shit On My Ass

An out burst out of frustration.
Mike: You must have your blinders on not to see that.
Jim: soma
by YourCrohnie March 30, 2010
Rectal mucus discharge. "S.O.M.A.", literally, an acronym for "Snot Out (of) My Ass". For individuals with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or colinitis, this discharge is a common occurrence. The discharge is often following flatulence. S.O.M.A. can, in rare instances, indicate Krohn's disease.
Gentleman recalling a story: "So there I was in the can, I pushed and thought was going to take a dump, and it was a big jelly mess of s.o.m.a.!
by Muroftra January 30, 2008
acronym for Stoned Off My Ass
Dude... I am so SOMA right now...
by STOMAdude August 17, 2011
<anatomy> The whole axial portion of an animal, including the head, neck, trunk, and tail.

Origin: NL, fr. Gr, the body.

Source: Websters Dictionary

(01 Mar 1998)

by percytiddlywinkle September 24, 2003
S - stoned
O - off
M - my
A - ass
im soma right now as you read this definition.
by moon August 03, 2004

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