A round white pill similar to alcohol in it's effect, a 1/4 version of quaaludes. For whatever reason, soma are very soft for a pill, and tend to break if you handle them too much.
I bought a huge bottle of soma, half of them were already broken.
by Valerie March 29, 2005
S - stoned
O - off
M - my
A - ass
im soma right now as you read this definition.
by moon August 03, 2004
in biology, a word that refers to the body of a neuron(nerve cell). it contains the nucleus.
the dendrites of the neurons receive signals and pass it onto the soma, which in turn passes it onto the axon.
by L-o-l-a January 13, 2006
South Market
Used to describe the location of various venues in San Francisco
"Slim's is the granddaddy of SoMa clubs, featuring top and up-and-coming acts."
by arad November 04, 2007
The Main character in Castlvaina; Aria of Sorrow.

Full name: Soma Cruz

Age: 18

He is an exchange student studying in Hakuba, Japan. His presence is strangely daunting and people find him difficult to approach.
When Soma and Mina Hakura go to watch the solar eclipse, they suddenly lose consiousness.
by Light Joker July 16, 2004
Southern Maryland. Opposite of NOVA (Northern Virginia). Often used when being more specific than DC, but less than the actual county of residence (ie, Montgomery County).
Guy 1: Where did you move from again?
Guy 2: Dc
Guy 1: Awsome, me too! What part?
Guy 2: SOMA
Guy 1: Dude, I'm from NOVA.
by Ghettodude August 01, 2006
Suck On My Asshole
Jeff: Dad you spilt some food on yourself, growing old, old man?

Dad: Oh soma.
by CRisPyFrEsH June 14, 2009
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