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hand gun,machine gun
"I saw them Hackney boys,so I pulled out my leng and started shooting at them"
by Caruthers July 12, 2005
Another word for a joint.
"Yo man you coming for a leng"
"Yeaaah bruddah"
by Calmycalmcalm August 05, 2016
Basically an evolved form of 'peng', but you don't feel as much of a prat using it. A positive description of something basically meaning 'well nice'. Can be used to describe people, but is much more appropriate when describing nice scenery, food & drink, or the day's weather. Very commonly used in Middlesex/SW London circa 2013.
"You tried them new Starburst bro?" 'Nah what they saying?' "So leng fam."

"Oii the weather's looking leng for the next couple of days!"

"*after sipping Harry Potter World butterbeer* ..... leng."
by TW_Lurker October 02, 2013
Someone who is good looking/ hot/ buff/ peng, fit, piff
Tom's girlfriend is so leng!
by brianbadonde44 November 21, 2012
1. A term used to describe a violent act or attack. This term can be incorporated into many forms or types of attacks on an individual.
2. A term used to describe the act of Sexual Intercourse
Example 1
Boy 1: Yo, did you hear about what happened yesterday? She got the biffa Leng!
Boy 2: No way! What did do after that?
Boy 1: She got mad and drove off

Example 2
Boy 1: What happened last night?
Boy 2: oh my days, she got the leng last night!
by p.r.o.s.p.e.r.o June 13, 2013
Leng is a south east London colloquial term for the more often used 'long'.

It can be used to describe either people's characteristics or tasks that require a lot of effort.

It has been growing in popularity within East London.
"That girl didn't text me back. She's leng."

" Do you want to go to Penge to tonight? No, Penge is Leng"
by NigeWell August 15, 2013
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