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The act of masturbation. Originates from the card game of the same name, not only because the game is played alone, but because of the 'fapping' sound created when cards are placed on the table.
You assholes ditched me. I ended up playing solitaire seventeen times.
by Orpheus II July 17, 2006
59 27
The most played Windows PC card game ever made, since it comes with every fucking Windows computer.
by yup June 23, 2003
269 58
The one-person card game, played far more often on the computer than with actual cards.
He can win at Solitaire on the computer.
by Diggity Monkeez April 25, 2005
123 21
1. a card game played alone
2. the act of masterbation. can be used in code with cards, spit, snap, poker
I have to go play solitaire now...
by Katie March 30, 2004
80 32
Quite possibly the greatest game created by man. Can be played alone, which is absolutely badass. It's also pretty much the only thing a person does in computer class. Also when you beat it, the cards fly around like, fucking crazy ass birds!
Dude so what are you doing ritght now?

Suckin dick and playing solitaire man.
by AlexMykel February 02, 2010
28 7
1. A game invented for the lonely
"I'm gonna go play solitaire."
"Cause I have know friends."
by readysetskate October 31, 2009
14 12
The act of placing ones hands firmly around ones own cock and/or balls and pumping until all reserves of man-chowder are depleted.
I'll catch up with you guys later, after I grab a quick game of solitaire
by W.Scher June 22, 2003
33 31