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It's not something that you can just record and manufacture onto a CD and sell for $21.99.
by yup July 22, 2003
someone as stupid as George W. Bush
The president is such a bushtard, he had to cheat to get elected.
by yup August 12, 2004
The most played Windows PC card game ever made, since it comes with every fucking Windows computer.
by yup June 23, 2003
Toilet paper for the White House.
Bush wipes his ass regularly with the Bill of Rights.
by yup September 07, 2003
The act of paying ridiculous amounts of money to enter a dimly-lit, highly-flammable room just to dance for a few hours to overly repetitive music that a 5-year old composed. And you have to dress like you're going to a royal banquet or the bouncer will throw you out. Usually, illegal drugs are served so as to help the attendees tolerate the music.
My friend overdosed on ecstasy while clubbing last Friday.
by yup September 15, 2003
If you're guilty, you're dead.
The Punisher was one of Marvel Comic's cool characters. Bloodthirsty vigilantes kick ass.
by yup August 24, 2003
Britney Spears's favorite toy. The reason why Miss Spears is becoming more and more slutty every time she appears on camera is because she is being seasoned by penis.
Damn! Look at Britney Spears go. After having many a penis in every available hole, she still jammed one in her cunt and did it one more time.
by yup June 17, 2003
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