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- meaning: God is gracious
- This is the Irish form of Joan
- most commonaly spelled Siobhan

caring, smart, fun loving person with abit of a tough side.
Can be abit two faced at times and may take things to serious but is a true friend and never holds a grudge for long. Can be the queen of bitching which shows her strong, free attidude. Usally has black hair, farly short and skinny.

Has a thing against people not being truthful so always be a caring honest friend towards this beutiful sweet irish girl....
A poem for siobhain the girl I love with all my heart!
You are the apple of my eye,
the floor beneath my feet.

Your beuty is unreal,
A smell of cherries trees.

And yet a simple smile will tell me you love me so,
Siobhain my dearest love,

Gods very grace!
by Billy.go.gruff July 28, 2009

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