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24 definitions by gracie

An Icelandic singer who released her first album at 11. She was in many bands, then split to pursue her solo career, releasing her first international album, Debut. The hit single from the album was called Human Behaviour. She then released albums called Post, Homogenic, Vespertine etc. In 2004 she released Medulla and also appeared at the Olympics held in Greece, singing her single Oceania.
"Bjork is such a bad singer"

"No she's not, she's awesome!!!"
by gracie March 04, 2005
623 132
The closest thing to a man that Mrs Krabappel has.
And that's so depressing she thinks she's gonna cry
by gracie April 27, 2005
223 50
A hell funny dude played by another hell funny dude, Mike Myers!
What's long and hard and full of seamen?

How bout NO, you crazy dutch bastard

F-R-I-C-K-I-N. I-D-I-O-T. With a frick frick here and a frick frick there. here a frick there a frick, everywhere a frick frick. Dr Evil had a sub, filled with FRI-CKEN IDIOTS!

Everyone in this sub who's not a frickin idiot, take one step forward. not so fast, everyone who is in this sub.
by gracie May 01, 2005
99 14
a guy who looks 50, but really is only 42. he even mentions it in oceans twelve.
Danny Ocean: How old do you think I am?
Robber friend: 48? 52?
<Danny is astonished>
by gracie April 21, 2005
115 87
a word tha combines the terms 'That sucks' and 'That blows' to make a fun way to say something is disappointing. Often used by Bart Simpson.
"Oh Man! That sucks and blows!"
by gracie April 18, 2005
20 6
the funniest, sexiest man alive. A boy at heart, though he tries to hide it. Naughty and nice all at once! Always the center of attention; as it is well deserved. Sporty, classy, funny, smart, affectionate - all appealing traits put together in one lovable person. The best boyfriend in the world; and the best friend you could ever have.

x3 The love of my life.
"I have a Phillip and you don't!" grace snickers.
love ya, phillip
by gracie January 24, 2005
26 12
Something that is really cool. A slang word that has started to appear in highschools as a new way of saying the bomb.
"That song is the bomb" is now "That song is the shiz biz"

"My new phone is the shiz biz"
by gracie March 04, 2005
16 6