programs for your computer
i got some new softwares to have fun with
by softwares_ppl July 08, 2011
A magic spell cast over a computer that allows it to transmute one's input into error messages.
Goddamn third-rate spreadsheet software! Nobody can write good code these days.
by hawkw May 19, 2009
Another name for a penis when it won't get hard.
He was all software down there.
by Mike Jr. February 08, 2004
Computer wise, it is ran off of the hard drive as a program.
Best Buy has a better selection of software than Circuit City does.
by Josh January 30, 2004
Alternate (until 2007 erroneous)spelling of "softwear": non-teflon clothing.
Ex: another software user was killed in a shooting incident on 21sth and 6th street.

Ex: There's a bug in my software; I'd better buy some moth balls.
by Phaedrus42 January 28, 2004
Usually a computer CD that holds a program on it, anything from a game to a paint program, its just the name for a CD for use on a computer basically.
I put the software in the computer, and the program started.
by Linda February 05, 2004

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