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Pre-South Park pronunciation of m'kay.
Ex.: It's easy, okay? (I mean come on, how could you sing that?)
by Phaedrus42 January 28, 2004
1 everything that happened in the past, more specially since humans learned to write.
2 everything that got written down and was accepted as "the history" by some elite or another.
3 the field of study of 1 and 2. Discusses all kinds of explanations of what happened.
4 a school subject devoted almost exclusively to 2.
1 Johnny Cash is history.
2 The history of the colonization of America has little to do with what actually happened.
3 An interesting question in history is whether guns, diseases or beliefs were more important factors in eliminating the Native Americans.
4 History is quite boring, especially if it's about your own country.
by Phaedrus42 January 29, 2004
Alternate (until 2007 erroneous)spelling of "softwear": non-teflon clothing.
Ex: another software user was killed in a shooting incident on 21sth and 6th street.

Ex: There's a bug in my software; I'd better buy some moth balls.
by Phaedrus42 January 28, 2004
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