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The most beautiful & kind girl in the world.
Is that who I think it is? There goes Sofi!
by Wes April 26, 2005
225 62
Some Other Female Interest
Man 1:"Dude I know I have this chick on my nuts already but i see SOFI out on the dance floor."

Man 2:"Don't worry I will handle her for you, go get SOFI!"
by Walrusucio October 17, 2010
45 23
accronym for Some Other Female Interest. Often used by hockey players refering to having multiple, sex based relationships with a cornocopia of women.
So i was wheelin some dirt jofa and some sofi hits my celly so i bailed on the jofa and brought over the hotter bunny.

Word bro, I assume the sofi was a starter rather than the dustbunny jofa

by Gonger93 December 09, 2010
18 19
my sister
my sisters name is sofi
by sofi jr. August 23, 2003
60 89
Sofi - a dirty little whore, something that's easy and puts out
Man that bitch is such sofi.
Yeah man that such a Cheeky Sofi
by sofsmister November 01, 2009
36 76
sofi: a giant penis
wow that guy has a sofi
by i wish i had a sofi December 14, 2003
54 119
the fluff you find inside your belly button
hey i found nore sofi
by la September 30, 2003
30 95