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To finger a person's vaginal or anal oriface(s) with a general left to right, back and forth, twisting motion as if one was tightening a bolt or nut with a socket wrench. Ideally performed with two to three fingers however and aggressive socket wrencher could perform said act with the entire hand and fist.
Mary could barely walk after Carl gave her a double fisted socket wrench.
by Sal Manilla January 12, 2016
The act of tying down a girl's arms and legs, wherein she believes that she will be pleasured. As soon as she is completely immobile, you grab her titties, twist 'em as hard as you can and RUN!

(usually used as a retaliation measure)
Man, I found out that bitch was cheating on me, and she never said a word! To get back at her, i tied her down one and socket-wrenched the hell out of her!
by Tom K. February 04, 2005
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