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Moist, ground up tobacco. Comes in many different flavors. Commonly used under the upper lip, but some use it under the lower.
Two variants; ordinary and portion snus.
Less dangerous and foul smelling than smoking, but can cause mouth and lip cancer. It's also a dead turn off.

Since it almost only found in Scandinavia, it's hell to take it through customs in other parts of the world.
"Give us a pack af Skruf snus"
"Sorry, we don't have Skruf, what about some General instead?"
"Nah, I rather take a pack of Ettan."
by DrKarling July 02, 2004
Any fabric or tissue used to collect and/or wipe off semen after masturbation.
"Eric! What happened to your curtains? They are all crusty!"
by drKarling July 02, 2004
A sad creature whose sole reason to exist is to bombard others with SMS'.
These people has no social network except their SMS "friends", and will never actually answer the phone if you try to call them, but wait five minutes, then resume their messaging.
Not necessarily gender specific.
"I'm freaking out! This is the n'ieth SMS Richard sent me today. He is such an SMS whore!"
by drKarling July 02, 2004
1: (sports, general) A massive attack, moving many players up on the opposing team's court.
2: (icehockey) When one team is playing with a player more than the opposing team because of penalties.
3: (politics) The threat or use of power (military, economical etc) as coercion.
4: (rpg) Hoarding xp and money. Often to the extend of ruining the gameplay for other players.
1: "By an impressive show of power play LA overran the Ny defence."
2: "The Dynamoes had 5 minutes of effective power play, but still couldnt score."
3: "Eritrea gave in to the US power play and signed the treaty."
4: "I hate that Ü83R-Paladin character, always power playing instead of helping out with the quests."
by drKarling July 02, 2004
1: Punching or hitting.
2: Hitting a person with a heavy, but pliable object inside a sock, using it like a truncheon.
3: Using a sock as a jerk wad
1: "Whaaa! Ma, George socked me!"
2: "Filling one of his socks with coins, Byron waited for the guard to return in order to sock him before he could sound the alarm."
3: "Julian preferred to use his cotton ones for socking."
by drKarling July 02, 2004
The same as backsplash.
Hugely annoying.
Can be avoided by clever usage of toilet paper.
"Neptun's Kiss, man."
"So what?"
"The water's effin' freezin', man!"
by drKarling July 02, 2004
Translates literally into "Adventure/Fairy-tale Tobacco"

A norwegian brand of rolling tobacco which is virtually impossible to get past customs (even more so than snus)
especially into the US.
Robert got strip searched and held back at the airport because he had a pack of Eventyr in his suitcase.
by DrKarling July 02, 2004

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