The best play where the best actors perform in a massive stage with spectators watching in the millions.
I want to get ready for the next play, I'll watch the Soccer game to help and get ideas.
by Kataphraktoi July 23, 2011
The most famous sport in the world , 2 teams of 11 players each using any part of the body except the hands and the arms to put a ball into the net .
Players needs to be very skillful: dribbling ,accurate passing ,tackling ,heading and ball control .
Soccer is the king of all sports .
Great soccer players includes maradona ,pele,ronaldo ,van basten ,zidane and vanessen amongst many others
by van 007 May 26, 2005
... is to sport like riverdance is to the performing arts. Yes, it does take some skill, they don't use their arms AND it is incredibly boring.

Also known for

- players taking melodramatic dives to get a penalty
- curing insomnea
- having only 3 real rules, one of which no-one can actually explain (off side)
- fans who start riots

Thank God for William Webb Ellis, the first soccer player to realise how stupid the game was and picked up the ball.

If you want to keep a ball in the air for 10 minutes, buy a hackeysack. That's as relevant to playing soccer as spinning a basketball on one finger is to playing basketball.

It's not all bad. After all, without soccer, there'd be no "soccer mums" and you know you like them !
I went to a soccer game the other day and fell asleep instantly. At full time my friend woke me. I asked if I had missed anything and he said "nil all draw - but the grass grew a bit".

Next time I'll go to something entertaining, like Netball, Rugby League, Hockey (ice or field), Lingerie League etc.
by E_Z_Fleece November 11, 2011
I'd like my narrative to be broken by Facts & Opinion
Soccer is a term coined by the English. NOT the Americans.
Soccer is an abbrev. for Association of Football.
Soccer is the most widely watched sport in the world.
Most countries call it by a more logical name - FOOTBALL.
It is a sport of endurance where success depends on agility, skill & team strategy
It is a sport which can be technical in play like the Germans or magical like the Brazilians.
It is a sport which elicits a chant & fervour from the audience that is unmatched by any other sport.
I think World Cup Football (soccer) is way better than American football for the following reasons
1. Its action is constant and not constantly interrupted game play.
2. It relies on skill & technique as opposed to brute force and body weight where skill is less important
4. The size of the player is irrelevant as the focus is on the play of the game as opposed to the player of the game.
5. It's not a game where you wear helmets and have cheerleaders and fancy stuff to hype the game.
6. Its a sport which does not need a high score to make up for a low IQ
Why I think Americans prefer their "Football"
Their culture/attitude makes BIG seem better. Skill is not important. Glamour & marketing hype combined with brute force and size is more attractive to an American. To make my point - Large Cadillacs (big cars), WWF, baseball (less skill than cricket where you can hit the ball in a variety of ways).
Motorcyles where they find Harleys to be more attractive than the latest sport bikes (they call them crotch rockets). Imagine telling yourself a Harley sounds good compared to the hair-raising sounds of the Jap/Italian bikes. What if they made aircraft that sounded like that instead of the modern turbine. I'm trying not to bash but make a point - it's just culture and atttitude.
Rebuttal :
Someone commented about Americans building the Internet, airplanes, phones. A great many Great minds have been of non-American descent that would have come from European descent/heritage/ancestry. So that's a moot point.
How silly can you be if you think soccer is for gays. By that token, wearing gear to protect yourself should qualify for gayness. What if poeple said the way a pitcher throws a ball in baseball looks gay. You really have to be stupid to make comments like that about soccer/sport.
Women play baseball too. That does not make the sport gay.

This is a sport that appeals to basic instinct. Take a person that has not been culture-brainwashed and he will levitate towards basic instinct. That is why the world loves and identifies with football. To make my point, the world loves American music & movies. They could have loved American football in the same way. The fact that they dont is because it's just nowhere close to the passion that comes about with World cup football. People love to watch soccer regardless of whether their country plays or not.
IF the Americans were to win the World cup, have women go crazy after them, etc., their perception would change. The rest of the world already has the right perspective. They dont like to watch it because they are currently not faring well. And they don't like to admire outside of their own. That is not sporting. That is not sport.
Further cases in point :
I've spoken about American Football & Harleys. Both religions in the US. And nowwhere else.
Now consider the METRIC system of measurement. Its followed by the ENTIRE world except the US. This cost the US a lot of money and is also less effective & unnecessarily more complex. Google and find the truth.
The US Electric system is also different - 110 Volts and is again - less effective than the system used in the rest of the world.
All of these only underline attitude and undermine reason.

Soccer is a sport where a Ball is played with your foot
Sport 'ASSOCIATED' with the world except the US
I'd rather pretend-its-GAY than play-and-pray
by B.Col-World Cup Fan June 17, 2006
great sport to play i think, especially at night
"soccer is my life, i love it"
by mdawg89 April 27, 2005
the greatest sport in the world. it is hated by americans because they are too lazy to actually run for 90 minutes. It takes a crazy amount of dedication and skill. people try to say they are athletic because they play sports such as baseball and basketball. those sports require basic motor skills. i saw this other comment about baseball that said that a soccer player could not beat alex rodriguez in a race. soccer players are the fastest athletes in the world other than runners. soccer is the only sport in the world that you need to be physically fit to play. in football if you are fat you can just be a lineman, in baseball you can just be like prince fielder and be slow and just hit the ball. and for those of you who say that throwing a baseball at 90 mph is that challenging try kicking a ball 70 mph at a small top left corner of the net. if you ever see any of the shots and moves by the professional players you will see how amazing the moves are. it takes a hell of a lot of practice to do the moves and the shots have to be taken in the perfect spot or the goalie will save them. goalkeepers need so much practice to be able to judge the shots. they have to be able to jump through the air to hit the ball away then they must get up quickly or the ball may be shot again into the net. penalty kicks are the hardest thing to do as a goalkeeper in sports. a goalkeeper has to move before the shot is even taken to have a chance to save the ball. soccer is the best.
lazy american: im a lazy american who cant play soccer because im too fat so im going to go play baseball.

soccer player: i feel bad for you fatass.
by soccer ftw November 26, 2010
soccer is a sport in which two teams each with 11 players try to kick a ball (roughly the same size as a basket or net ball) between two goalposts. there are two sets of goal posts on each side of the field, one team is trying to kick the ball into one set, the other is doing the same into the other set. players can use any part of their body except their arms to score a goal. each goal, i.e. getting the ball through one set of goalposts, counts as one point. at the end of the match, the team with the highest amount of points wins.


1. soccer is a sissy sport.
i) well, more than half the people who say that are retarts who watch the sport on TV instead of getting off their asses and actually trying it out for themselves. so how would they know?
ii) soccer requires a very high amound of fitness, as there's only one 5 min. break in the whole 90 minute match, and players have to run practically the whole time especially if they are a midfielder or striker.
iii) soccer players only have protection on their calves. they can be knocked over, elbowed (this isnt strictly allowed but happens anyway), kneed, shoved, etc etc. soccer is definately a contact sport.

2. American football is way better.
i) well, sure, in american football they score more, but who cares? seriously!
ii) many people call soccer sissy. look at the wimps who play american football! they have protection covering their entire bodies, even their faces! "oh yeah, we're so tough, we have so much gear on us we practicly weigh twice as much as a rhino when weve got it on"
iii) they have breaks every 15 minutes or sumthing! oh yeah they run a little bit, but their so stuffed after that amount of time that the're sitting down with red faces and sweat running down their noses!

3. soccer requires no effort
i) 90 minute matches, you have to run most of that time, only one small break.
ii) you have to have SERIOUS skills. you have to be able to dribble the ball effectively, get past opponents, accurately pass the ball to team members, possibly shoot with, say, 3 defenders and the goalie trying to stop you, and GET IT IN. ok, so if this doesn't sound hard, TRY IT.
iii)in american football, they have to get past a line. oh, yeah, so hard eh? no wonder they score so much!
soccer is the best sport eva eva eva. EVA.

soccer is wayyyy better than american football. i've tryed both sports, guess what? i stayed with soccer.

try it. you'll be surprised.
by skysiie April 23, 2007
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