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when you pick up a hot guy in a bar, your sizzling HOT!
i was hot and sizzling last night!
by Daniel p December 02, 2003
a description of a sound
what's that noise hun
don't worry pet, it's only my zits sizzling
by phloggs May 20, 2005
A substance of unknown origin that tends to bubble and spit uncontrollably at things in its vicinity. See also: wordHot Sizzling Jazword.
OMG! That's some sick sizzlin' shit u got there m8!
by skabbmannen October 03, 2003
to be cool and to have all the slutz after you
im sizzling man
by pubert mcgregor April 28, 2003
when you smoke and one of the nugs are on fire its sizzling
yo keep hittin that its sizzling
#smoking #weed #sizling #fire #blazin
by MylesB April 01, 2008
an advanced case of ZITS, both m and f
this is not simply a cosmetic problem - our zits have started SIZZLING
by battered blair May 18, 2005
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