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Hinduism is a religion originating on the Indian Subcontinent and is the oldest major religion that is still being practiced. The followers of Hinduism mainly originate from India and Nepal though there are increasing adherents outside the subcontinent, in places like Indonesia or Malaysia.

The word Hinduism originates from the Persian word "Sindhu" referring to the people who lived near the Indus River (despite what the extremely well-informed twat, has written below) The term was used to refer to the religion of the Indians (mispronounced as Hindu) and eventually adopted by the Indians themselves. The word Hinduism also appeared in medieval Sanksrit texts.

Hinduism is a product of the cultural development of the Indian Subcontinent itself and of an early Vedic religions. Hinduism encompasses seemingly all manner of religion, it is polytheistic, monotheistic or even atheist at times. It has a vast body of scriptures developed over millenia, the main ones in orthodox views, being the Vedas and the Upanishads. Hinduism contains a large number of different schools of thought, encompassing philosophy and theology. There are six major schools of Hindu philosophy each one different, some of them not originally theistic at all. One teaches the pursuit of knowledge, through meditation and spiritual connection, similar to Buddhism.

The Hindu view of God is complex as Hinduism in itself is not a cohesive religion like Christianity. However, most Hindus believe that the soul, the true self of every person is eternal. Others believe that the ultimate goal is to be one with the entity known as Brahman, the eternal and the infinite. Hinduism has often been called polytheistic since it has a pantheon. They are referred to as Devas, or roughly translated, Gods. However these are more closely in line with angels in Judeo-Christian beliefs as the ultimate entity in Hinduism is still a Supreme God. The Devas control natural phenomena and sometimes take corporeal form to help man.

Ultimately Hinduism teaches dharma, or religious living. What in the West is referred to as religion, in the Indian Religions, they are dharma, or versions of it. There is no wrong way to live, there are simply different versions.
Hindu: I believe in a set of diverse practices, I do not worship a cow as my savior, I only pray to a deity for strength or courage. I pray to the Supreme God and I only seek personal liberation by being one with the eternal. And for the last time, NO, I will not give you technical support for your Dell laptop!

In Hinduism, one can follow the teachings of Jesus Christ (also known as Christianity) since Jesus would be considered a wise man in many schools of Hinduism and a teacher of religious living.
by axelone March 24, 2008
A philosophy that suggests some or all animals have the right to possess their own lives. Contrary to popular opinion, animal rights activists do not ask for voting rights for chickens or pigs. Rather they ask that animals not be used for food, entertainment, medical research or clothing. Some activists maintain that there is a distinction between sentient, or self-aware animals, and those with a large degree of self-awareness are to be afforded the right to possess their own lives. Animal rights is also largely tied to dietary lifestyles such as vegetarianism and veganism which abhor the consumption of meat products in accordance with the principles of animal rights.

Animal rights movements are not the same as animal welfare which take into account, the suffering of animals (and seek to prohibit it) but do not grant them specific rights
The Great Ape Project is seen by many animal rights activists, to be a step towards granting other animals the fundamental rights such as the right to life, liberty and prohibition of torture
by axelone February 07, 2008
Is an abbreviation for Association of Football mainly used in the US. Subject of criticism by Americans that say "its too boring", "its a game of luck", "its for fags"

Lets look at this systematically:
1. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world with over 200 members, second only to the United Nations. Well seems like its doing all right if the majority of the world likes it

2. Soccer requires extreme endurance, speed and technical ability. Many americans like to compare soccer to american football: Soccer is 90 minutes, no stoppages with only a 15 minute break (can reach upto 2hrs in overtime). American football is 60 minutes, w/plenty of stoppages in between(timeouts, etc) and a godamned halftime show?!

3. Look at the greats of soccer: Zidane, Ronaldinho, Pele, Cryuff: they are notable for finesse on the field, for possessing such great ability it seems impossible to normal people. Notable american football players have received recognition, because they can catch (whoop-de-fucking-do!) or they can push another guy

4. Soccer requires physical strength: bones have been broken, muscles torn and the only piece of protection you have is a shin guard. Football players on the other hand are decked out in so much protective gear that its hard to differentiate between person and pads. Hmm...seems like someone's a wittle scared of getting hurt (wanna play a real contact sport? play rugby)
Soccer fan: Hey buddy, did you see how Zidane managed to dribble past 3 defenders, run 50m, before chipping a shot over the keeper?

Footbal fan: Oh no, I was too busy watching a guy jump on another guy, it was oddly homo-erotic.
by axelone December 09, 2006
1. Relative to any country, a person who is not a citizen of that country

2. Relative to America, an individual who possesses higher intellect, more cultural knowledge in their pinky than the entire population of Texas and works in major white-collar companies.
1. Frenchman: Mon Dieu! c'est un etranger!
2nd Frenchman: Oui, il habite au Bretagne.

2. Reggie Ray: Godamn those foreigners! They're stealing our jobs as professors, lawyers, doctors, etc...

Johnny: That's cause you've got the IQ of a slug Reggie Ray, and the only thing you're good at is breaking rocks with other rocks
by axelone December 09, 2006
A definition on urbandictionary.com where the majority of definitions follow the simple format of "smelly, curry-munchers, outsourced, backward" (tsk tsk)

India is a federal republic which officially gained independence in 1947. No, the British didn't leave because India was worthless(a fact: 80% of the income of the Empire came from India), they left because Indians used mainly non-violent means to assert their claims to freedom.

The largest liberal democracy in the world (population-wise)
with the 3rd largest military force in the world. They've had territorial disputes with Pakistan throughout the year and noooo, they didn't meet their Vietnam w/Pakistan as the 1971 war showed (15 days for the Indian military to decisively defeat Pakistan)

A prime destination for the outsourcing of high-tech, skilled jobs. Wanna know why companies outsource? Mainly since India has a massive labor pool of skilled and educated professionals. Ya think if those gosh-darned Amerikanets had an inkling of intellectual thought, that their jobs would stay there rather than be shipped off?
Also the 3rd largest economy in the world and wait, there's more; the 2nd fastest, growing economy in the world emphasising exports of financial and technological services. Kudos to them I say.

A country with a diverse population, mainly identifying themselves as Hindu. By the way, its only certain Hindu sects that drink cow urine for medicinal purposes, not the entire population! The same stereotype can be applied to Americans: they're bible-thumping cowboys who lynch negroes for sport because a miniscule percentage of them wear white hoods.

Sure, they've got their problems of poverty and health but these have improved greatly. Modern-day India is quite a young country (compared to other democracies) and they've managed to accomplish quite a bit even after decades of oppression.
The nineteenth-century British historian, Grant Duff, claimed that "Many of the advances in the sciences that we consider today to have been made in Europe were in fact made in India centuries ago."
by axelone January 14, 2007

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