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To occaisonally or recreationally use heroin without becoming trully addicted.
I've been chipping for years, but I'm lucky I've never got hooked and had to experience withdrawl symptoms.
by Ed Loverooni January 20, 2008
221 60
To leave.
Seeya dude, i'm chipping now.
by ^MisterJingo^ December 18, 2003
89 64
for these dirty little chavs, just the word for leaving somewhere
"yo blood, lets chip before da old bill cum!"
by You cant see me August 02, 2005
46 49
it's the definition of "whats in" used in place of banging
ayo did you see the sneakers kevin had on yesterday? yea, they were chipping.
by CeeGramz November 30, 2009
11 19
Using a sharp object for chipping small quantities of cocaine base from a rock of cocaine; instead of smoking the whole thing and immediately ruining your life.
Using a knife to break off chips (chipping)rock cocaine to smoke.
by Anthony C. Delyea September 05, 2005
28 40
To 'chip'

To sprint really quickly, so much that your feet barely grace the floor

To flee a dangerous situation
"ha ha did you see that little kid running from that dog! he was chipping!"


*person 1* "the other night I was out about 11pm and this huge group of guys were like right near me"
*person 2* shit what did you do?
*person 1* I chipped , I mean i was CHIPPING"

by Sharkey Boy September 24, 2005
4 39