A group of friends made up of sober alcoholic men. Sober brothers.
After the game, Bob and his sobros went out for coffee.
by Peroxideus June 04, 2011
the bro that has been selected to be sober, short for sober bro
bro 1:lets go to jennys party
bro 2:cool your the sobro
bro 1: fine
by ]Y[@$ November 27, 2011
a part of the world where it is still cool have private clubs, and where everyone answers to the "king". sobro is a kingdom where everyone is real "hardcore" and you are as cool as the number of beers you can drink, but lets remind ourselves sobro does after all stand for south BROOKLINE. members of sobro wil only travel in multiples of 2 (one dick for each ass) but never less than 4 (always down for the gangbang). little girls be careful because between the incessant bumfucks within the royal family, and the paddling of little boys, they have been known to show signs of heterosexuality, but you must be below a certain height to play (dennis' bellybutton). Sobro is a place where rape is "the coolest" and if you have enough people backing you up, you might have the balls to cut someones plasma screen, if of course no one is looking. Sobronians are the reason people are scared to have parties, because they are convinced trashing peoples shit is badass. those of you out there ashamed of the enormous mansion your family owns or the car your rentals gave you as soon as you got your permit, sobro is a sanctuary where you can always be sure wealthy pricks will be pretending to be underprivileged in order to gain friends. Cute nicknames boys! dont talk what you havent got biiaaaach
whos tha hoes? kids from ...!

one of your boys got robbed and no one did shit?
by cumonyourfaceyoupussies April 03, 2005
sobros just another part of brookline. yes the boys might be drinking every single night. but so is every single other part of brookline, that or getting stoned. the ppl from sobro arent bad, id be more worried about the ppl from lawrence who are raping people.
whats worth, getting arrested with liquor or getting arrested w/ an illegal drug (pot)????
SoBro is the South Bronx. For all the dumbass kids who say it means South Brookline, a rich ass part of Brookline with spoiled kids, should shut the fuck up.
Kid From South Brookline: Yo, I be reppin' SoBro.
Kid from SoBro: Bitch, why you wearin a Red Sox hat?
Kid From South Brookline: I'm from South Brookline, Massachusetts Mother Fucker.
Kid from SoBro: Cracka, get yo' mouth on the curb and bite it.

*End of Kid from South Brookline*
by Da Chronic October 23, 2007
SoBro is the South Bronx.
SoBro is another phrase used to describe a NYC area...like DUMBO, NoHo, etc. But this one sounds better..IMHO.
by cccccc October 24, 2006
SoBro isnt a cult of drinkers and rapests, they are just a bunch of kids who grew up in the same neighbor hood. Yea, they love to party and they are pretty heavy on the booz, but at least we arnt smokin up in sum ally and gettin kicks off writin on sum walls.

Everyone from SoBro backs echother up.
by n/a March 31, 2005

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