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English preposition meaning "without" (from the French word: same spelling and definition).

"Sans" has taken on an overly used pseudo-hip status in counter-culture enclaves to replace the word "without" in even the most mundane of circumstances.
Dustin the vegan ordered his tofurkey sandwich, "Sans mayo, please!"

Lola said she couldn't get a ride out of Bushwick since she was "sans cash".

internet hipsters started the habit of spelling complete sentences and proper nouns sans capitalization. the annoying trend has been picked up by marketing designers sans originality.
by littlegreyhound May 22, 2007
The word is a derivative from Tulsa, a mid-sized city in northeastern Oklahoma, and "attitude" that relfects a self-inflated sense of cultural relevance that Tulsa residents have regarding their city as superior to other cities in the region. This is mostly due to a limited number of mediocre museums, presence of art deco oil-boom architecture, a barrage of high-end strip malls such as Utica Square, and higher elevation than the surrounding Kansas and south Oklahoma plains.
Often describing itself as an "Eastern" city trapped in Oklahoma, Tulsa is popularly self-titled as the "Paris of the Midwest"; this pop culture reference is used in an October 3, 2002 episode from Friends where Chandler accidentally agress to relocate to Tulsa, and unsuccessfully tries to convince Monica that they would be living in the "Paris of the Midwest".
While studying abroad in Paris, Becky, who was brimming with Tulsatude, couldn't help but notice that the City of Lights would never measure up to the fairytale wonderland that she left back home in Tulsa.
by littlegreyhound February 03, 2007
Noun. A derivative of Anglo-Saxon and an afro hairdo. Basically any Caucasian person with a fro; that being a hairstyle in which the hair is allowed to grow naturally and to acquire a bushy appearance (first popular circa the late 1960s). Also denotes unruly, unkempt hair that behaves wildly regardless of attempts to control it; usually a problem for someone of Irish/Celtic descent, especially in inclement weather.

First known usage is attributed to the Dublin area in 2006.
While hiking along the misty Cliffs of Mohr in County Clare, Audrey couldn't control her raging anglo fro, which ballooned above her like a dense, tawdry forest of red ringlets.
by littlegreyhound March 27, 2007
Nickname referring specifically to the southwestern part of The Bronx and perpetuated by artists, which reflects the area as a burgeoning hotspot for large and affordable spaces, warehouses, etc. in which to create artwork.

Inspired by previous areas of New York City that formerly housed nascent art communities with affordable spaces: SoHo in Manhattan (South of Houston Street) and DUMBO in Brooklyn (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass).
Whether you're from boogie down or in the area, check out what's going down in the SoBRO galleries.
by littlegreyhound May 22, 2007
Noun/Adj. Pertaining to a preppy intellectual, who is usually characterized by conservative dress and appearance and though generally liberal, quick-witted and otherwise progressive in outlook and experience, represents a status quo social demeanor with a wariness of all things counterculture. First known popular usage: Austin, 2007.
Prepellectuals are the mainstay and often make up the majority of youth culture in academically viable urban areas such as Boston, Washington D.C., and Raleigh/Durham.
by littlegreyhound September 03, 2008

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