Sobro is the best place that has ever excisted. Only the best people in the world live there. The seniors own the high school now and sobro 07 will rule as juniors. Thats un heard of. What a place, only the rich, good looking, most powerful people live there. Dont be jelous you dont.
Sobro owns the high school.
by the crew March 31, 2005
everyone from this section of brookline has four foot cocks
are your from sobro? your cock must be four feet long then
by nonymous March 29, 2005
a small part of brookline, overflowing with boys that think they are invincible. they get arrested once a week and still think its cool to drink 40 beers and drive around or paddle kids. they mack the freshmen like crazy but those girls dont seem to mind. sobro thinks they own shit, but really they just start shit. the seniors of 2005 from sobro even have sobro tatoos, chill out guys. it aint cool.
^WTF whats worse 40 beers or 40 joints. while theyre out getting drunk the rest of brooklines getting stoned. everyone macks the freshman...OMG they have tattoos. lets call the cops! and ur starting shit urself so stfu
"hm im really going to waste time dissing sobro bcuz i have nothing better to do" grow up
by becca March 28, 2005
SOBRO IS ILL I LOVE IT EXCEPT FOR THE FAGGET WHO WROTE MY NAME DISSING SOBRO.....GOOD JOB YOU TOOL YOU SPELL MY LAST NAME ZUNICK not zunik...fuckin retard.. see this is why sobro doesnt have dumb kids like you
sobro kid: hey whos that retarded fat chump?
other fagget: i dont know, he looks like a cumshot though, lets beat him up
by the real JOSH ZUNICK<> March 31, 2005

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